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Limousine Bus
From Naha Airport to Kariyushi Beach Resort, Limousine Buses run at the following time tables, valid until March, 2018. The final update will be informed after April, 2018.

Route       D Route
Time to take    1 hour 40 minuets
Bus fare      2,000 yen,

Limousine Bus Time table from Naha Airport to Academy Hotel updated as of April

JRM Chartered Bus

Please book through the following booking site by April 28.
Saturday, June 9
11:30  14:00  15:00  16:30  17:30  20:30

Friday, June 15
13:30  14:30  15:30

If you are from China, Taiwan and Korea, please apply through the local coordinator.
JRM Chartered Bus booking site:

If you do not book, those who booked beforehand will be prioritized, and you may not be able to ride. So please book the buses.
Time of departure may change depending on number of booking status.

Between the airport and the hotel, taxi costs approximately 13,500 yen including a highway toll in a distance of 65 km and takes about 1 hour 20 minutes.

Car Rent
The Academy site is located in a resort area without any convenient public transportation. So when you stay in another hotel, you are suggested to rent a car.
You can find many car rental shops in and near Naha Airport. You will need an international driving license for driving in Japan.